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Bon Débarras

Bon Débarras

Bon Debarras

Bon Débarras is the result of the unexpected meeting of three dynamic creators involved in music, dance and poetry. The trio opens a door to their recollections of America and their music is at the intersection of various traditions. Their energy taps into the rhythms of today and ventures boldly on the multi-faceted road to tomorrow’s dreams...

Bon Débarras’ inspiration comes from their home base, Montreal, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in North America. While remaining true to their roots, the three musicians are drawing on living traditions and various influences to explore new avenues.

Bon Débarras’ folk music is deeply rooted in the memory of French-speaking America. On their guitars, banjo, mandolin, accordion, washboard and harmonicas, and integrating foot percussion, jig and body percussion, the trio creates musical atmospheres that transcend boundaries and ages.


Always festive, Bon Débarras’ shows include jolly turlutes (lilting) and melancholic laments, while often leaning towards acoustic rock groove. The diversity of instruments, the musicians’ versatility and their unique way of playing as well as the generous mix of musical inspirations all contribute to enrich the group’s sound. At times one has the feeling that there are more than three musicians on stage! The trio’s rich vocal harmonies tell the stories, while jig and percussive dance, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, guitar and accordion join in to create this unique atmosphere which sounds as fresh as it sounds modern.

Show for kids


Bon Debarras

The band has put together a concert especially intended for younger audiences. Playing hooky is an interactive musical odyssey, rich in motions and emotions, which will be touring the numerous communities where BON DÉBARRAS drew its inspiration from. With their own unique groove, the musicians will be presenting and playing their instruments, telling stories with their songs, singing trad melodies (turluttes) and calling dances. The trio’s Playing Hooky concert is surely a toe-tapping experience!



« Bon Débarras offers up a foot-stomping party » Alexander Varty,
« Bon Deb’ can not only swing, jig, dig into Cajun melodies and gently lilt, but they can also blend genres, harmonize, create percussive motifs and intimate textured ambiances, and they can rap. » Yves Bernard, Penguin Eggs