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Le Bruit Court dans la Ville

Le Bruit Court dans la Ville

Les vents qui ventent

Le Bruit court dans la Ville (= The Buzz Around Town) are legends of Quebec’s traditional music scene. Fiddler Lisa Ornstein and guitarist/singer André Marchand first met as bandmates in La Bottine Souriante, the iconic trad super group which kickstarted Quebec’s folk music revival. Normand is a marvelous singer and accordionist who grew up surrounded by family musicians in Lanaudière, the epicenter of Quebec’s folk scene. As a trio, they produce a joyful music which is deep-rooted and innovative, spontaneous and nuanced.


Le Bruit’s concerts take their audiences into the musical heartlands of Québec and Acadie, with musical gems, songs and stories as old as time and as new as last week. André’s meticulous accompaniment and gorgeous vocals complement Normand’s pulsing accordion, grit-and-polish vocals and irrepressible spirit, while Lisa’s fiddle combines soaring harmonies with fiery tunes until dawn learned over years of kitchen visits with old masters. They are also seasoned workshop leaders and teachers, and when playing for contras and squares, their music is so full of lift, you’ll have to nail your shoes to the floor to keep from dancing.



« In the trad music milieu of Quebec, Le Bruit are our peers, but more fundamentally our mentors. Every recording they have made, as a group and as individuals, has been an important reference. Class, finesse, and an incomparable style of playing which always hits the bull’s eye—when Le Bruit play, it’s as if the music of Quebec was an integral part of their DNA. » NICOLAS BOULERICE (Le Vent du nord)
« These musicians are responsible in no small way for my continuing admiration and love for the wonderful music and traditional culture from the beautiful province of Quebec. Lisa, Andre and Norman are fantastic musicians and audiences cannot fail to be both charmed and entertained by them. » Kevin Burke
« Lisa has power, intonation, a bowing arm that crackles with energy, yet conveys amazing nuances, a wonderful ear for phrasing and rhythm, and a sharp musical wit. The strength of this trio lies in the collaboration between these three old musical compatriots. Normand Miron and André Marchand are both from the Joliette area, a region famed for its traditional music. They are both strong, passionate singers, and superb players. The combination is amazing. » Fiddler Magazine