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De Temps Antan

De Temps Antan

De temps Antan

In a friendly and fun-loving way, these three highly gifted multi-instrumentalists (Éric Beaudry, André Brunet, Pierre-Luc Dupuis) perform very lively interpretations of songs and melodies; so much so, that they lift the Québec trad music to a whole new level. With their violin, accordion, harmonica, guitar, bouzouki and foot-stomping percussion, this acoustic trio bursts on the stage to the delight of all!

New concert

Their latest album, Ce monde ici-bas, having received the Félix award in the Traditional Album of Year category in 2014, DE TEMPS ANTAN will start touring next spring 2016 with a brand new and exciting concert!

School show and workshops available!



« De Temps Antan has a special flair for giving contemporary relevance to traditional music. » Kohler Arts Center
« This Québécois supergroup brilliantly explored and updated its country’s francophone tradition. » Hopkins Center For The Arts