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With 14 nominations to their credit, including 8 for their latest album, Chasse-Galerie, MAZ have set themselves apart with their unique blend of acoustic trad and electric jazz. Inspired by one of Quebec’s most famous legends, the group’s concert has been praised by audiences and critics alike, owing to MAZ’s vibrant stage energy.

With its debut, Télescope, the band laid the groundwork of its unique style, which combines traditional Québécois music, modal jazz, and electro. Through this album, often described as futuristic, MAZ already began to reveal their modern take on Québec’s past and present instrumental culture, earning them five award nominations, including one for the JUNO of best instrumental album.

Marc Maziade (ELECTRIC GUITAR, BANJO, FOOT PERCUSSION, PROGRAMMING), Pierre-Olivier Dufresne (VIOLIN, MANDOLIN, FOOT PERCUSSION), Gabriel Godbout-Castonguay (KEYBOARDS), and Mathieu Royer (DOUBLE BASS, VIOLIN) invite you to hop on a wild flying canoe and journey through their unique musical universe. On stage, these brilliant musicians form a deeply palpable connection, offering trance-inducing grooves, engaging sound textures, and frenzied foot stomps at each of their intense performances.


With their second album, Chasse-Galerie, MAZ pushes the envelope and explores the melding of Québec trad and electric jazz that earned the group a Juno nomination in 2012. Imagine a collective work, where Rhodes piano and electric guitar walk down the aisle with fiddle, bass and banjo, accompanied by wild foot percussions. A brilliant interaction among talented musicians in a universe where trance and texture reveal a unique modern perspective on Québec’s instrumental culture, past and present.

Chasse-Galerie: The legend :

The legend of the Chasse-Galerie has been told throughout Québec. Time has fashioned many versions, but the essential remains the same: On a winter’s eve, a group of men sign a pact with the Devil to embark in a flying canoe that will carry them home to their girlfriends for a night of revelry.



« All four men that comprise MAZ are monsters on their instruments. Magic happens when they gel amongst the melodic and rhythmic intricacies of their compositions. A top notch band and a no-brainer for any festival or concert series stage.  » Matt Large — MONTREAL Festival Folk sur le Canal,Hello Darlin’ Productions
« It’s uplifting stuff, old and new, rustic and hi-tech all at once.  » Roger Lévesque, Penguinn Eggs
«  Chasse-Galerie is already climbing jazz, folk and international charts across Canada, including CFUV, CFMH, CJSW, CJAM, CFRU, CIBL and CKUA.  »