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Mauvais Sort

Mauvais Sort

Droit devant

Mauvais Sort has become one of the busiest Québécois bands of the last decade. Using the term Folklore Québécois to its very beginning, this best Canadian folk group award winner, coined the term Neo-Trad in the early 2000s to describe his music young but inspired by the past. After 700 shows in 9 countries, the Folk'n'Roll comes to life and remains today the simplest description for Mauvais Sort’s music!

Folk for the songs and instruments and Rock'n'Roll for the energy and contemporary arrangements!


Watch Patrick Giroux’s blistering fiddle fretwork and the jaw-dropping finger work of Stéphanie Richard on the accordion. Guillaume Côté’s mastery of both jazz and rock drumming comprises the band’s heartbeat, a driving pulse that’s impossible to ignore. Multi-talented founder Nicolas Geoffroy sings, dances and plays guitar while his feet drum on a stomp box, adding even more rhythmic drive to the group’s performance. Their fifth recording, Droit devant, brings together fine writing about contemporary Québec with lovely interpretations of traditional songs and instrumentals that are as good as anything that has come out of Québec folk scene in the past years.